This isn’t about putting people in a box—It’s about unleashing their potential.

It’s obviously true that every person is unique, but that worldview doesn’t help us understand ourselves—or one another—any better. The 16 personality types identified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) are simply short-cuts to understanding how people prefer to learn, communicate, and make decisions. When you know your “type,” you’re empowered with new language for things you may not have previously understood about yourself, and you grow to appreciate the differences in others.

Intentionally develop your culture.

Today’s employees want to work for companies they believe in. Culture heavily outweighs salary as the key motivator for both selecting and staying with a company. Swan Consulting will help you transform your culture by giving your teams in-depth insight about how they learn, communicate, and operate. Armed with this new information, you’ll be able to resolve conflicts, take advantage of your unique strengths, target and grow talent, improve communications, and maximize your effectiveness.

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